COPPeR starts new arts fundraising program




The Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region took a larger step toward advocacy when it released a job description today for a second program manager. This person would initiate and administer an arts fundraising program, which would then distribute those funds toward local causes.

"It's a community-wide program, seeking funders from the community," says Brett Garman, program manager of COPPeR's other offshoot, "Then funds are given to arts organizations. It will be like a United Way for arts organizations."

Executive director Christina McGrath stopped by our offices to chat for a few minutes, and while details are still slim, she does know one thing: Details are slim.

"We don't know what [it] looks like at this point," she says with a laugh. "It was something that was in the budget for the upcoming year, to hire for this 30-hour-a-week position. And I think what happened was out of the cultural plan, the community came together, and Goal Number 4 was to try to support arts organizations within our community. So that meant having sustainable funding for arts and cultural institutions.

"So we’re hiring a person to help with that new arts fundraising program."

Click here to see our recent story on COPPeR's cultural plan. Or click here for details on the $32,000 position, which is available for application through March 2.

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