Do you know what Saturday is?



It's Mr. Bo Mangles Day!

Yeah. That's Mr.-only-albino-alligator-in-Colorado-THE-Bo-Mangles-Day. Recap your knowledge on Bo and his home, Colorado Gators Reptile Park, here.

To celebrate Mr. Mangles' first anniversary living at the park, admission is free this Saturday, the 19th. According to a release from the park, Bo will be measured and weighed, which is the only time he's taken out of his habitat.

Oh Colorado Gators, youre my favorite beat.
  • Oh Colorado Gators, you're my favorite beat.

As always, plan your trip to the Mosca locale accordingly and be advised: Bo (whom I think we should promote to Sir Mangles) is only one of 50 known albino gators in the world, and staring at his red eyes is considered good luck.

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