Movie ticket tax to aid incentive program?



Perhaps you've heard Gov. John Hickenlooper address the issue, or perhaps you recall the Indy feature Anne Lundeen wrote in mid-November regarding the lack of film incentives to attract filmmakers and revenue to Colorado.

Do you mind an extra tax on your movie ticket?
  • Do you mind an extra tax on your movie ticket?

Either way, there are new developments on the film-funding front. In tandem with reports that the director of Colorado's Office of Film, Television & Media, Kevin Shand, will step down next week, we're now hearing about a proposed bill to tax movie tickets.

Read what former Indy reporter Michael de Yoanna posted on the topic earlier today here, or check out what the Constitutionalist Today thinks about it here.

Or, since Todd Wallinger was a good sport when I picked on him yesterday, check out his film blog at the Gazette, which in part features a list of state representatives with whom you may care to weigh in.

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