Schoeppey's days are numbered



Here is part of a press release from Falcon School District 49that confirms that its superintendent, Dr. Brad Schoeppey, is in fact leaving June 30, as part of the district's "Innovation Initiative."

The Innovation Initiative includes a buyout of existing contracts including the Superintendent, the Chief Information Officer, the Human Resource Director and the Chief Financial Officer. The initiative places those responsibilities into “Innovation Zones” across the district for principals and teachers to better direct decisions and respond to the needs of their schools and community. Each high school principal will head up the zone for its feeder pattern and an administrative position will assist in the development of the new structure. In acknowledgement of recent speculation regarding the Deputy Superintendent, the Board only can say that it is involved in discussions with her and is hopeful that she will agree to continue serving the District pursuant to her revised job description.

Superintendent Dr. Schoeppey was deeply involved in the process to develop the district’s Innovation Initiatives and fully supports the effort to make schools more responsible, more efficient and more effective. “This initiative will connect the community, parents and children to their schools, but the elevation of Innovation Leaders in the schools resulted in a diminished role for the Superintendent and other executive positions, “ said Superintendent Brad Schoeppey. Dr. Schoeppey will continue in his role until June 30, 2011 to assist in the implementation of the Innovation Zones.

Director Andy Holloman added, “We wish Dr. Schoeppey great success in his next endeavor and are grateful for his vision, his expertise, and his excellent service as this District’s superintendent.”

According to the release, the district believes that the Innovation Initiative will save "$11.85 million over five years . . . by cutting four administrative positions, reorganizing central administration and cutting transportation costs . . ."

“This is a real opportunity for the district to save money and better provide classroom support,” said Board of Education president Dave Martin. “There will be an initial upfront cost, but the district will see short-term and long-term savings.”

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