Hooray for discount meds



County residents have saved more than $250,000 by using the county-issued prescription discount card since the program began 18 months ago.

They saved an average of 23 percent, the county reports in a press release, which puts estimated participation at 10,000 residents.


The program is sponsored by the National Association of Counties (NACo) and is free to all County residents — regardless of age, income, health status or existing health care coverage. The discount card is accepted at over 80 local pharmacies — including Walgreens, Safeway and King Soopers — and at nearly 60,000 locations nationwide. Prescription discount card users average savings from 20-25%, but some individuals report savings as high as 40-50%.

How is that possible? Commission Chair Amy Lathen explains in the release that the savings result from negotiated national volume discounts. Adds Vice Chair Sallie Clark:

"Some citizens have shared that they wouldn’t have been able to purchase essential, prescribed medications without this program, which would have led to more chronic health issues."

Prescription discount cards are available at County facilities and participating agencies — including the Pikes Peak Library District, Pikes Peak Workforce Center, the Public Health Department and the Department of Human Services. Citizens can also download discount cards and locate participating pharmacies and distribution outlets on the County’s website.

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