City will move forward with two ballot questions



Mayor Lionel Rivera
  • Mayor Lionel Rivera
Colorado Springs City Council decided informally yesterday to move forward with two questions for the April ballot. Both are intended to alter the new strong-mayor form of government. Mayor Lionel Rivera originally proposed six such changes.

The first of the two approved questions will ask voters to change Council from four district and five at-large seats to six district and three at-large seats, giving neighborhoods more representation.

The second will ask voters to allow the new mayor to attend Council's executive sessions. Under the new strong-mayor system, the mayor is only allowed to attend Council's open sessions. However, some key decisions are made in executive sessions, so many Councilors felt it was important for the mayor to attend them.

Because no petition-driven ballot questions were turned in, and a question about the future of city-owned Memorial Health System was postponed, these two will be the only questions on the April ballot.

Council also agreed to set up a Charter Advisory Committee. The committee will make recommendations to the new Council, in advance of the November election, for a possible ballot question amending the city charter to better suit the new form of government.

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