The "meaning" of 1-11-11


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I have to admit, today has seemed like a pretty normal day. I got up, got a little exercise, came to work, went to lunch with friends, and now am back at my desk.

But for those who attach significance to dates, this is supposed to be a biggie. Check this out.

The Huffington Post reports:

The mystical date does hold some significance for those who believe in the date's supernatural abilities. 11:11 holds a certain mystique, and kissing a clock at that time is said to bring good luck, especially on 1/11/11, according to the Washington Post.

I guess I missed my chance. It would have been hard for me to kiss my clock, which sits on the shelf above my computer screen. At that precise witching moment of 11:11 today, I was talking with someone at Fort Carson. What does that mean, I wonder?

Some say the real moment of significance will happen on 11-11-11. Or what about 12-12-12? That one even had a movie made about it, being the last date on the Mayan calendar and all.

1-11-11 adds up to 23, considered a prime number since it can't be divided evenly by any other number. 2 and 3 equals 5, another prime number. The fifth Month of the year is May. If you subtract 1 from 11 and add 11, then you have 21. May 21. The end of the world. Hey, there might be something to this stuff!!!

Happy 1-11-11!!



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