Gallagher to run for mayor



City Councilman Tom Gallagher says he's planning to run for mayor in the April municipal election.

Gallagher, who plans to make an announcement sometime in the next couple weeks, is the first current Council member to confirm he's entering the race.

Gallagher, who's worked in development and surveying but at the moment is out of work, says he'll run with whatever money he can raise from constituents. He doesn't foresee spending more than $50,000 on the race. By comparison, candidates Brian Bahr and Buddy Gilmore both have over $100,000 in their campaign chests —┬álargely from their own wallets.

“I look at it in ‘03 [when I ran for Council], I spent the least of anybody and I got the most votes, so I think it's how you spend the money,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher says he'll probably concentrate his money on radio advertising.

Gallagher is a term-limited City Councilor. He has been popular for his "everyman" appeal. A little over a year ago, during the height of the city budget crisis, he directed public outrage against city employee salaries, which he said were too high. He has also been a vocal critic of Colorado Springs Utilities "waste" and of the Southern Delivery System.

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