Give! givers crush goal



Though the AdAmAn club didn't light off any fireworks from atop Pikes Peak, something eye-popping did happen here at midnight on New Year's Eve. That's when the Indy's second annual Give! campaign closed, with a total of $332,582.44 collected from individual and corporate donors.


As the Give! website notes: "This figure does not reflect the $50,000+ in challenge grants, matching grants and friendly competition money the 40 nonprofits were competing for."

Two last Give! fundraiser events took place on Friday night (New Year's Eve), with those proceeds to be delivered by Tuesday. Also, other late-arriving checks dated no later than Dec. 31 are expected, and Indy associate publisher Carrie Simison-Bitz, who coordinated the campaign, still hopes the actual donations from individuals and businesses (not including any matching funds) might reach the Give! 2010 total goal of $333,333.34.

In fact, when all the numbers are finalized including the challenge grants and matching funds, there's a chance of coming close to $400,000. That means potentially doubling the final total last year of $198,000-plus, smashing our inaugural $150,000 goal.

On behalf of the Indy, the community members who help us coordinate the campaign, and the nonprofits who benefited, thank you to everyone who gave. It says a lot about the people who live here that even in difficult economic times, so many found a way to offer help to those who really need it.

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