A nickel and a nail



Well kids,

We are all packed up and ready to hit the road first thing tomorrow morning. We got a pretty good snowstorm yesterday, but it looks like it has passed through. Temperature reads 7 degrees at the moment.


We began filming a few days ago around Colorado Springs, and got some very interesting interviews: Ken Hallenbeck at Hallenbeck Coin Gallery, and Scott O'Malley from the Western Jubilee Warehouse both spoke extensively on hobos and hobo nickels. We were unable to get together with anyone at the American Numismatic Association's Money Museum to see about filming their archived collection of nearly 200 hobo nickels, but they agreed to send pictures and speak a little bit with me when I get back from Florida.

We are still planning on taking I-25 south to Sante Fe, I-40 east to Nashville, and then I-24 to I-75 south. My wife insisted that I bring my cell phone (719/322-4458), so if anyone along our route wants to drop us a line with a ride or floor to crash on, we will pay handsomely in gratitude and hobos ...

I will be posting updates on my facebook page, facebook.com/adam.leech, if you want to follow along with us.

Until then, check out this amazing ’70s-style truck-driving ditty written exclusively for the project by Nick Davey called "2000 Miles." If you ask me, it hits as hard as any track C.W. McCall ever wrote!

Thank you kindly, everyone, for all of the support we have already received. Smell you on the 10th!


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