Ten from '10: The songs that mattered, part 2




As threatened, here’s the second installment of the 2010 songs that mattered most, well, to me, anyway. But first, a quick recap of yesterday’s favorites, including handy links to Indy interviews:

10. (Tie) Broken Bells, “High Road”; Nick Curran & the Lowlifes, “Reform School Girl”

9. Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, “Tiny Light”

8. Plan B, “Stay Too Long”

7. Pigeon John, “Dude, It’s On”

Okay, then. Here’s three more for ya.

6. Dessa, “Dixon’s Girl”
It’s not much, but my money’s on Doomtree Collective emcee Dessa. “Dixon’s Girl” channels Steve Reich’s cool minimalism and Erykah Badu’s smoldering soulfulness, filtering them through the brainy poeticism of an artist with a degree in philosophy and a university gig teaching hip-hop. Bonus points for the clarinet arrangement that leads off the track.

5. Everything Everything, “MY KZ, YR BF”
There’s been no shortage of bands resurrecting the ghost of XTC over the last decade, from the ultra-polished version offered by Franz Ferdinand to the annoyingly angular approach of the Futureheads. But Everything Everything gets the balance just right. This is one of four singles the band released prior to its debut album, which hit the U.K. in August and is set for stateside release in early 2011.

4. Cee Lo Green, “Fuck You”
The eff-good hit of the summer, Cee Lo’s hilarious single makes you wonder why no one did it before, or at least did it so brilliantly. Among the song’s primary pleasures is Cee Lo’s delivery of one of the sweetest fuck you’s in the history of pop. After first breaking the song on the Internet, Cee Lo released a sanitized-for-your-protection radio version with the lyric changed to “forget you,” which wasn’t nearly as fun. In addition to a finely honed instinct for lovable outrageousness, Cee Lo has the chops of a great soul singer. And with lyrics like “If I were richer / I’d still be with ya / Ain’t that some shit,” it’s actually class-conscious. When was the last time you could say that about a pop hit?

To be continued….

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