Foie gras: Not so evil?



Because I know that you're already slacking off at work, just clock-watching and waiting for the holiday to begin, you might as well invest 20 minutes or so and read this fairly persuasive argument regarding why foie gras is not unethical.

It's not my argument and those aren't my words; they're the headline from the Serious Eats article that a colleague forwarded me this morning.


The piece has, at the time of this writing, garnered 244 comments — proving that foie gras will pretty much always remain a contentious item at the dinner table.

I do think that there's value to revealing how many foie gras producers employ methods that are far from PETA's worst-case scenario and much more humane.

We've been shown in many other agricultural areas just how disparate growing and ranching practices can be, even when they ultimately yield a product that, to the average consumer's eye, looks the same.

So on the topic of force-feeding, this is just one more reason to research from where your food is coming, as clearly not all foie gras is as devilish as many of us have been led to believe.

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