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All right! It’s finally almost starting to feel like it might want to try to start feeling like Christmas! And with this being Colorado Springs and all, we should really know how to celebrate Baby Jesus Day like nowhere else on Earth (OK, except maybe for Bethlehem).

And so, in the spirit of Joseph, Mary, the Wise Men, Frankenstein and Merle, I went forth and asked the appropriate local “manger”-dwellers what “gift” they would like to stuff in “the scene’s” stocking this year. And, please, I begged, no more severed legs — that joke got old in Year 2!

Chris Forsythe (lead singer, Malakai; sound engineer, the Black Sheep): “My gift would be for one local band to break big on a national scale. It happened to a bunch of bands in Denver, and now their scene is blowing up. Everyone in D Town believes their friend’s/brother’s/boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s/roommate’s band is going to be the next big thing, and they support them like crazy. We’ve had a few come close, but no one has actually done it. Who can do it? Matterhorn, El Toro, In Elements, We Are All Destined to Fail, Murder Hat?”

Heather Browne (I Am Fuel, You Are Friends music blogger, fuelfriendsblog.com): “I would gift the Colorado Springs music scene with a vibrant, multi-use music venue/artistic space/bar in the heart of downtown that would draw us all together in new ways. The community in the heart of downtown lacks a really solid, classy, mid-size musical venue that can draw the kind of national bands who play up in Denver and Boulder. It’d be the best Christmas gift ever, even if we couldn’t tie a bow around it.”

Nick Santamaria (guitar/vox, the Conjugal Visits, and ex-Nicotine Fits): “If I could get one gift for the Colorado springs music scene, it would be more bands. I seriously wish I didn’t have a job so I could form 10 different bands and pull in all the people that I have been wanting to play with from here and Denver.

"There has been a lot of downfall with the scene lately and I think it has to do with the de-forming of bands. When bands come through you have to put a local on it, especially if nobody has heard of the band before. You can only make a band play so many times before everybody gets sick of them. I like how, at heart, this is a very musical town, but in the end sometimes the support kills it.

“Another thing I would really like to see happen — and it’s something I’ve been working on trying to get together — is another all-ages music venue. No booze.

“Another thing I would really like to see happen — and it’s something I’ve been working on trying to get together — is another all-ages music venue. No booze. After putting on a few pretty good shows ((if i do say so myself), I feel like it could amount to something. I think the kids in this town get the shaft, in a sense, when everything is being put on at the bars — or now, it’s just bar. (R.I.P., Rocket Room.)

"When I was first getting into music and going to shows, the High Life House was a godsend. I got to see so many great bands from all over the country and around the world in a dingy basement for $5. I got to see how bands worked, and that was a huge influence on how I look and listen to music now. It felt great to have so many different kinds of people around me all there for the same thing. Music.

"I always wonder if kids even go to shows anymore. I would pass out hundreds of flyers to kids and not see one. Anyways, I want the community, I want more bands, I want more enthusiasm, I want less shit attitude, I want a scene here."

Samovar (aka Iggy Igloo, solo performer): “There are so many different things that could improve the quality of the music scene right now! I think mostly I’d like to see a venue suitable for more experimental or noise-based bands to play.”

Ishhod Collins (member, The Heartless; promoter, Kiowa Sessions): “One gift for the scene would easily be having a return of a legitimate music hall/venue directly in our city center. Something on par and similar in vision to that of 32 Bleu, but with a more centralized focus on the recruitment, organization, marketing and presentation of local and touring acts.”

Jason Bennett (folk singer): “Well, with the success of Positively Pikes Peak: The Pikes Peak Region Sings Bob Dylan — it happens to be No. 5 on the Colorado Roots Radio chart right now — my gift would be to start a trend with other tribute albums:

1. Positively Teen Spirit: The Pikes Peak Region Sings Nirvana
2. Positively Fab: The Pikes Peak Region Sings The Beatles
3. Positively Woody: The Pikes Peak Region Sings Woody Guthrie

"And if anybody here does an Eagles tribute album, I'm moving. Like "The Dude" in The Big Lebowski so eloquently put it: "I hate the fucking eagles man......"

"Oh yeah, get somebody at the Gazette who knows about music. Bill Reed was the only person there who knew anything about music. Now that he is gone, the so-called "arts and entertainment" crew over there doesn't know a harmonica from a kazoo."

The following submission were received after the print deadline, but are just as good!

David Browder (Middle of Nowhere Event and Sound-Pueblo): "I would have to say that it would be for a local radio station here to do a full one-hour radio program that focus on the local scene and not be formed to one format. Allow for punk music next to folk next to rap. There is such a diverse scene in Pueblo that it would be a dream to allow for the masses of Pueblo to realize what kind of music is out there. Even if it's not their taste they can respect that someone is out there working hard and performing. I started a podcast just for this reason but it only will hit those who seek it out. If a radio station played it, more people would stumble onto it and open their eyes to what kind of music is out there."

Amy Whitesell (Promoter, A Music Co. Inc.): "A gift for the Pikes Peak Region would be a Big Head Todd Blues Club. Big Head Todd will be on tour doing a tribute to Robert Johnson and I'd love to bring the show here.

Check it out at: http://www.bigheadtodd.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5582"

Conor Bourgal (Changing Colors): "I would get everyone a copy of an imaginary 12-inch vinyl compilation that includes songs from Dear Rabbit, Ghost of Mike Clark, El Toro, Tall City, Edith Makes a Paperchain, Haunted Windchimes, Changing Colors, Joe Johnson, Grant Sabin, and Thomas Evans."

Mike Stephens (Musician/Swell Guy): "Hmmmm ... a new album from the Changing Colors. That would be sweet. I've worn the first one out. (: "

There you have it, kids, more bands, more venues, more albums! Now let’s just hope we were good enough to stay off Santa’s “naughty” list! Smell you next time!



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