It ain't over 'til the Vlad Putin sings




While they’re probably better off not quitting their day jobs, world leaders can rarely resist an opportunity to demonstrate their musical talents before an appreciative audience.

Last month, you'll recall, it was 65-year-old Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s election-season hit single, "U Want Another Rap?"

A number of U.S. presidents being similarly moved:

George W. Bush channeled the spirit of Roman Emperor Nero by fiddling around with an acoustic guitar while New Orleans sank;

Bill Clinton wielded a sax at the Newport Jazz Festival 40th anniversary celebration;

• Even Harry Truman's childhood piano lessons paid off as he serenaded a bunch of Missouri Methodist women at the 1945 Caruthersville County Fair.

So is anyone really surprised by Vladimir Putin's swaggering performance of Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill,” which has been witnessed by more than a milllon perplexed viewers since Russia Today posted it online last Saturday?

And so, for your possible listening pleasure, here's Vlad. Be sure to check out the second line of the prime minister's rap at the 2-1/2 minute mark, and tell me he's not singing “We’ll see who the bitch is.”


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