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News from the local film community:

Chris Loud from the Independent Film Society of Colorado says the group has decided to postpone Colorado Short Circuit #4, originally schedule to be held Dec. 16. Look for a date likely around February for the screening, with a theme built around love and relationships.

• Colorado writer, director and actor Zachary Byron Helm wrote to clue us into his company SORP Films, which specializes in "intense, low budget humor films," such as Emo Assault Squadron 2. Helm says most of the short flicks are made for less than $100 even though they feature "explosions, great looking girls, action and usually garner a viral following and offend a lot of people after they are produced."

Fancy watching some emo kids beaten up?
  • Fancy watching some emo kids beaten up?

• If you frequent downtown, you've surely run into Brian "Scoop" Nemeth before; he's a fixture. So much so that local filmmakers Jordon Beck, Shane Lyons (better known as chef at Nosh) and Christopher Chaos are currently working on a film about Nemeth, tentatively titled The Scoop.

Brian Nemeth dreams of becoming a news personality for the Fox network.
  • Brian Nemeth dreams of becoming a news personality for the FOX network.

According to press release, the feature-length documentary will be filmed over the next year as Nemeth, who suffers from severe autism and mild schizophrenia, completes his journalism degree at Pikes Peak Community College. The film should be completed around fall of 2011 or spring of 2012. For anyone concerned about the filmmakers' approach to Nemeth, whom they note has an "uncanny resemblance to TV's Steve Urkel," they say the following:

We at Chaos Productionz believe that Brian’s story is one of a man who, with unbridled passion, pursues life’s offerings to the fullest. Those involved are eager to build a community of support and effort for both the Scoop film and the man himself as he attempts to make the next step of his journey.

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