We're smart, but they're smarter



I'll give you the good news first.

Portfolio.com has named Colorado Springs the 15th most educated city in the nation, beating out Denver (No. 21). The site noted that 13.52 percent of Springs residents hold a graduate or professional degree, 22.08 percent hold a bachelor's degree, and 36.25 percent have an associate degree or some college experience.

Not bad, not bad. Now for the not-so-good news: We got hammered by both Fort Collins (No. 5) and Boulder (No. 1). (I have to snicker a little bit here, since I went to school in Boulder and still have some residual loyalties. Sorry.)

Perhaps, however, what's most significant here is that so many Colorado cities made the top 25. Think about it: There are 50 states in the nation, but a full 16 percent of the Top 25 cities were in our state. Which means, actually, that we can all take a moment to gloat.

I just want to say something right here ...
  • I just want to say something right here ...

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