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In the way of an update on local activist Bill Sulzman's attempt to learn more about the Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) being proposed for Fort Carson...

In this week's Indy, you can find our story, which explains that Sulzman's attempt to use the Freedom of Information Act was unsuccessful.

First, we got this response at 4:11 a.m. Thursday from Mike Ackerman, U.S. Army Environmental Command Environmental Planning- Project Manager:

Mr. Sulzman's request for information is currently being reviewed to ascertain what, if any, connections exist per his query with regard to CAB stationing. USAEC is working with Fort Carson to gather information on this issue. Any additional relevant information gathered on this query will be presented in the Final Programmatic EIS for CAB stationing, growth and realignment when it is published.

Then, just a few moments ago, we got word from Sulzman, obviously frustrated, that he had heard further about his request.

I expected my denial of FOIA request to be written in Orwellian language and it was over the top. "This no records response does not constitute a denial." They say that they can't send me anything because they can't find anything to send. They would have one believe that they don't keep a record of flight plans at Butts Army Airfield. If this were actually true it would be a big scandal. There is another line "in accordance with regulatory policy your request is being forwarded to the Initial Denial Authority listed below for review." They had just maintained that this was not a denial. Oh well.

How Sulzman probably feels.
  • How Sulzman probably feels.

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