Human Jukebox: Swedish audiofile takes Stockholm syndrome to the next level




Having recently invested in a Beatbox, the brilliant iPhone docking station from Beats By Dr. Dre, I can vouch for the fact that size does matter, at least when it comes to getting massive bass response from a digital device. But it looks like Fredrik Hjelmquist has found a more direct way for music to reach the solar plexus.

The CEO of Pause Home Entertainment, an audio emporium in Stockhold, Sweden, Hjelmquist recently swallowed an awfully large pill that contains a wireless sound system. He also created a Human Jukebox website through which people can select music to broadcast directly through his stomach.

Selections so far have included Wu-Tang Clan, Tom Waits, Iron Maiden and Johnny Thunders, although the most sadistic of the bunch is surely Lou Reed's interminable Metal Machine Music.

You can go to the site to track the progress of Hjelmquist's publicity stunt, including impressive footage of him swallowing his miniature jukebox.

Meanwhile, here's his introductory video:

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