One for Lacey, one for Stacey



What is this, the Westword nightlife blog?! No! It's just the picture I promised you — in this week's Reverb column — of “Lacey and Stacey,” the infamous “Twins” in the so-named Broken Spoke song.


Now, I don't know which is catchier, the picture or the song, but I can tell you this — ever since that pic hit my inbox, they've both been stuck in my head!

I have obscured their faces to protect their so-called innocence (Lord, you're killing me), but it sure doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why Tom Skora had to write the song. The funny thing, though, is that in my head I was thinking they'd be blondes.

Here are the lyrics for you:

One for Lacey, One for Stacey
One for all the Portsmouth gals,
Miss your sister, learn to kiss her
Show the boys and late night owls

One time is all it takes sometime
One time is all it took for me
to walk on down the line

I had a bad dream that you tag team
anyone who knows someone
so they'll tell you that your cool too
and you climb another rung

One time is all it takes sometimes
One time is all it took for me
to walk on down the line

World of beauty, world of leisure
Yeah, I'd say it sure looks fun
Got your sisters and your misters
Praise the Lord that I ain't one

The song can be found on the album Before There Were Easy Riders, now available at finer record stores, itunes, and Just in time for Thanksgiving!

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