Indy on the streets ... a day early



So, you're among the many thousands of loyal Independent readers whose schedule revolves around seeing each new edition as soon as possible. But you're simply not thrilled with the idea of going out on Thanksgiving morning — when the low temperature is expected to be a whopping 4 degrees — just to satisfy your weekly habit.

Not to worry. We're already ahead of you. We finished this week's edition of the Indy a day early, which means it's already on the streets this morning (Wednesday) and distributed to all of our usual 850 or so locations during the "hump day" instead of the usual Thursday.

Also, if you're looking for things to do on the night before Thanksgiving, again, no problem. Our "Playing Around" live music listings start with tonight. Same with our weekly "7 Days to Live" spread, which this time will cover eight days instead, Wednesday to Wednesday, and the Movie Times, which will begin with today's schedule at the local theaters.

If you can't find a copy, feel free to pick one up at our office, 235 S. Nevada Ave.


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