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I met with upcoming Smokebrush director Don Goede Monday morning for a look at the facility Smokebrush will soon call home.

The space will also take on a new name: Marmalade at Smokebrush. In a follow-up e-mail, Goede explained that "marma" often means the points where consciousness meets matter. He also writes that the color orange (like marmalade) is associated with creativity, energy, stimulation and purification.

With that in mind, here's a look at the still-under-construction space, with notes on some of the plans to come.

A look at Smokebrushs spaces: new (to the right) and old (across the parking lot.)
  • Edie Adelstein
  • A look at Smokebrush's spaces: new (to the right) and old (across the parking lot).

The front door of the 15-some-office complex.
  • The front door of the 15-some-office complex.

A view of the train tracks in the building lobby.

At this point, Smokebrush's suite (the first on the right as you enter the lobby) is still divided into numerous small rooms. Once some walls are knocked out, the space will flow from a small retail area up front (which will focus on local arts and crafts or eco-conscious items, to name some possibilities) to offices, which will also act as an archive for Smokebrush projects, then a large workshop area and a resource library.

A corner of the retail area.

Part of the workshop room.

A very large space sits at the back of the suite, similar to Smokebrush's old gallery (now Watch This Space). Here Goede hopes to host live music, yoga classes and performance art shows. Its walls, like all the others, will hold visual art works as well.

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