Talking turkey: Thanksgiving recipes



Let's talk turkey for a moment, because you might be wondering how you wish to cook yours this year, or how you'll prepare a bird alternative if that's your thing.

One of my colleagues culled a bunch of recipes and info earlier today. Here it is, with a couple of my own additions, in no particular order:

• Local chefs recipes on Huffington Post.

• Roasted brined turkey from Cook's Illustrated.

• Prepare a raw, vegan Thanksgiving dinner for a big departure from a traditional spread.

Salon's best unconventional recipes.

• A bunch of turkey varieties courtesy the Food Network.

• Don't even forget about Martha Stewart.

• Head to Mother Earth News for tips on both a vegetarian thanksgiving spread and a sustainable table at large.

• Lastly, forget reading and watch Anthony Bourdain talk turkey here:

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