One-half of one percent, defined




In the wake of the confirmed defeat of County Question 1A — and the assertion that a recount won't be necessary — we were curious this morning as to what exactly defines one-half of one percent. After all, "No" votes took 50.24 percent of the vote, and "Yes" votes 49.76 percent, leaving a difference of .48 percent; that sure looks like it'd be under the .5 percent threshold that triggers an automatic recount, by law.

So for the sanity of ourselves — not to mention you, dear reader — we called county election manager Liz Olson. Here's the deal: Pursuant to CRS 1-10.5-101(b); 1-11-102, an automatic recount is triggered if the difference between the two sides of a vote is smaller than one-half of one percent when divided by the highest vote count, not the total of the two sides.

Click below for a PDF example from the state giving, as example, the thrilling race between Bart Simpson, Buffy Masterson, Sandra Bullock and Eddie Murphy. Oh, the wackiness that would ensue ...


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