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Colorado Springs Utilities is featured on the New York Times website in an article about its investment in NeuStream, a technology that scrubs pollutants from coal-fired power plants.

Specifically, Drew Rankin, who heads power generation, figures prominently into the story, because he's the one who initially investigated local physicist Dave Neumann's invention and recommended the city take a chance on it. The device has been proven effective and would save the city-owned utility hundreds of millions of dollars over other existing technologies, Rankin says.

Rankin, by the way, has proven himself very knowledgeable but also cautious in his approach to the project and has welcomed inquiry from reporters during the three-year test phase. At least that's my impression.

Here's what he said in an e-mail about the NYT coverage:

The ClimateWire story in the New York times today is a testimony, not only to the NeuStream Technology, but also to the Colorado Springs community and the Utilities' Board of Directors in supporting the underlying work over the last three years, culminating in the success realized to date. Utilities' basic driving force since the first meeting with Neumann Systems Group is to create and sustain customer value by leveraging all invested financial and intellectual capital to produce the most reliable, cost effective, and environmentally responsible electric service.

Anyway, it's another, more positive, way Colorado Springs is making national news.

In another power-related move, the Colorado Springs City Council next Wednesday will take action to buy out its partner in the gas-fired Front Range Power Plant located south of Colorado Springs. There are no backup materials associated with the agenda item as of yet, but we've reported previously that it could cost about $150 million. The Council also on Wednesday will approve the issuance of debt for the purchase.

Front Range Power Plant: Soon to be ours, all ours.
  • Front Range Power Plant: Soon to be ours, all ours.

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