It's alive: J-Pop cybernaut releases concert performance


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In our Gary Numan interview two weeks ago, the '80s synth-pop icon recalled how "a lot of people, especially in the U.K. media, were extremely anti, and even the Musicians Union tried to ban me, as they said I was putting "proper" musicians out of work."

In which case, musicians unions must really be thrilled about Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku, an anime character come to life as a 3-D hologram. The cybernetic chanteuse even has a full-length concert Blu-Ray/DVD entitled 39's Giving Day. (Your guess is as good as ours.)

The ostensibly live concert performance before an ecstatic glow-stick-waving audience includes a duet with another synthetic J-pop phenom named Megurine Luka. Despite their onstage camaraderie, we hear that, in real life, the two simulacra actually loathe each other.

You can see Hatsune performing her hit, "World Is Mine", below and read more about her at Singularity Hub.


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