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Even as a healthy adult, you might not be able to avoid this.
  • Even as a healthy adult, you might not be able to avoid this.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and I know, it's no big secret America is plagued by obesity and diabetes, so I won't get into that. I'm here to say that you don't have to be in bad shape to become a diabetic as an adult.

Like it or not, a family history can drain your best efforts for healthy living. Case in point: my mother, who was diagnosed this year, despite her healthy diet and daily exercise. She has type one-and-a-half or LADA, a condition, in short, which shares symptoms of both types one and two.

A prominent symptom of LADA is weight loss in people who are already thin. Which is frightening, as my mother was eating a pretty junky diet to gain weight before she went to the doctor, leading to an A1C3 blood glucose reading of 15, I kid you not. (A normal reading comes in around 3.9 or 5.5, doctors get concerned around 5.6 or 6.9.)

So be aware of any symptoms, no matter how small. Be suspect of these vessels we inhabit.

Because diabetes changes everything. And the folks at the Diabetes Community Center know that. So this month they're offering a series of free or by-donation classes and events to calculate your risk or manage your diabetes. Visit the website's calendar for cooking classes, carb-counting courses, a foot clinic and more. The center also offers ongoing support groups, classes on using an insulin pump and outreach for those at risk.


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