Group sues state to 'restore patients' rights'



Cannabis Therapy Institute has issued a release saying it's seeking patients in areas where a medical marijuana ban has recently been passed, as well as patients who have quietly had their application denied by the state, and physicians who have been disallowed from writing MMJ recommendations. CTI wants them all to join a lawsuit against the state of Colorado.

Also: "The Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project (PCRLP) is pursuing litigation to overturn the unconstitutional provisions of House Bill 1284 and Senate Bill 109."

On Election Day, several Colorado cities, towns and counties banned medical marijuana dispensaries. This act is unconstitutional. Medical marijuana is a constitutional right in Colorado, and localities cannot ban it any more than they can ban freedom of speech or any other constitutional right.

Look for additional information in this week's Independent. Click here for more on the lawsuit.

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