Poor Dick Waaaaadhams



Lynn Bartels at the Denver Post's the Spot reported on a memo from GOP state party chairman Dick Wadhams that is just kinda sad.

Despite the myth already being propagated since election day that Democrats had a more effective turn-out operation, the Colorado Republican Victory voter identification and turnout operation was successful and superior to the Democrats.

See There? The GOP machine was a smooth-running operation, and he's got all the numbers to prove it. It's not his fault his party lost control of their gubernatorial candidates in the primary and blew it, or that their U.S. Senate candidate couldn't pull off a victory in the "year of the Tea Party," despite a successful turnout operation. So whose fault is it, you say?

There is no doubt the malicious and deceitful ads by Michael Bennet were largely responsible for Ken Buck’s defeat. Bennet and his leftist allies spent millions during the final three weeks with despicable ads narrowly targeted to undecided unaffiliated women voters attempting to make Ken Buck unacceptable. They wanted to move the debate from the economy and spending to abortion and other social issues with those voters. That narrow slice of the electorate was still up for grabs as Buck was clinging to a narrow lead going into election day. Unfortunately, their strategy worked.

Yes, their strategy of telling the voters what Ken Buck actually said actually worked. Amazing. Next time Dick, maybe your candidate will have better sense than to hand the Democrats the loaded gun.

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