Beware, your polling place may have changed



Peter Schumacher has lived here, at the same address just east of downtown, since the late 1980s. Every election, without fail, he has faithfully gone to his polling place at Palmer High School's gym, just a few blocks from his home, to cast his ballot.

Until today. Schumacher showed up to vote and was told that his polling place had changed. But nobody could tell him the new location, so he decided to go downtown to find out. He wound up at Centennial Hall, but facing a long line of people who either had the same predicament or never received their requested mail ballots, Schumacher left.

He stopped by the Independent, and we were quickly able to fix his problem. Simply by looking up his registration online, we found that his polling place has moved to Stargazers Theatre and Event Center, just off Pikes Peak Avenue.

Schumacher admits that he "might have gotten something in the mail" telling him of the change, but he doesn't remember it. Regardless, his situation points up a problem that others apparently are having. The county did consolidate many polling places this year, reducing the number of locations from 187 to 102. Voters were encouraged to confirm where they would vote, but many obviously assumed they weren't affected.

To find out, go to the secretary of state's site here. Or try this quick link where you can just type in your address and find the polling location.


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