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For those who live in the north part of Colorado Springs and use Austin Bluffs Parkway to get anywhere, get your Zanax prescription filled.

The city and the Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority are preparing to unveil its solution to widening Austin Bluffs in three places not long after the overpass project at Union Boulevard snarled traffic for a year.

An open house to present the "preferred alternative" will be held Thursday, Nov. 4, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Calvary United Methodist Church, 4210 Austin Bluffs.

One of the problematic things about this is that adding two lanes to Austin Bluffs east of the Union overpass will necessitate widening the road to the north. That's because the city has said a deed restriction exists on the trails space to the south preventing widening the road in that direction.
The result will be a zigzag nightmare as drivers exit Union heading east, which already isn't safe.

You may wonder from what I speak. I drive this intersection every day, and I'm here to tell you (although some days I wonder how I make it through there) that the merge lanes have blind spots and I'm amazed there aren't more crashes there. If the city sticks to its guns to widen to the north, the road will take an even more dramatic curve.

All this, after screwing up the parkway for the overpass project.


In any event, the public meeting will allow residents to see how screwed up the road will be in the years to come in three places: from Nevada Avenue to Union, Union to Meadowland Boulevard and Barnes Road to Old Farm Drive. The city says construction of the three segments is anticipated to begin in 2012, pending future funding.

Those interested in further information may also call the project hotline at (719) 302-6782 or send an e-mail to austinbluffs.info@wilsonco.com.

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