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It's old news that Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, recently endorsed American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo over Republican Dan Maes in the governor's race.

But leave it to the right-wing Constitutionalist Today to call him to task for it, and to do so with gusto. Given the failure of the GOP to properly vet Maes before handing him the Republican nomination, a Constitutionalist Today "citizen blogger" got on Lamborn's case about a campaign contribution in Tancredo's background that might make conservatives think twice about backing him.

Lamborn, right, with Tancredo, at last weeks press conference.
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  • Lamborn, right, with Tancredo, at last week's press conference.

Here's how TCT's interview starts:

TCT: You ran on a Christian platform. The person you’re endorsing today has received at least $28,000 from John Tanton who is an [or was] abortion provider and the father of FAIR which is a zero population growth organization. Does this correlate with your values as someone you want to endorse?

Lamborn: Well I don’t know anything about that particular contribution.

It proceeds as you might expect from there, complete with a footnoted reference. (Our report of Lamborn's endorsement can be found here.)


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