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Mary Jane isn't just for medicine or guys passed out in front of South Park. Marijuana is also for the sophisticated young woman of today, according to potcouture.com.

Run by two New York City women who go by the pseudonyms of Margot and Pepper, Pot Couture bills itself as "the first magazine-style site designed for professional, stylish women who smoke."


The elegant site features strain reviews, pot news, fashion, pop culture, and a store where you can buy pro-marijuana decor, such as a screen print that says, "Sit back. Smoke a bowl. You've earned it."

That said, the site is very open about the fact that Margot and Pepper are recreational users (though Margot says she lost 40 pounds after taking it up regularly!) and warns readers this is for "grownups only" and, yes, pot is illegal.

My favorite part so far is the Ladystoner series, a group of profiles about women and their personal experiences with pot. One chronicles an MMJ patient, while another focuses on a woman's struggle as a dealer who was arrested.

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Otherwise, visit PC for recipes, polls, pinings on the wondrous ways pot helps ladies during their cycle and all sorts of ultra-femme tips and tricks.

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