Nondestructive Halloween fun



You know that special sparkle that children get around Halloween?

They're so excited to don their costume, go trick-or-treating, and gorge on candy until they throw up. They want to watch movies that are too scary for them, then hide under their blankets shivering in terrified delight. Finally, there's that annual ritual of sneaking out, TPing the neighbors' house and knocking down jack-o-lanterns and mailboxes with a baseball bat.

Kids are so cute.

Fortunately, many people now try and keep their little goblins, ah ... contained. (The kid in me says this is sacrilegious. The adult in me wants to hug every last one of these responsible parents.)

So anyway, on that front, Meadows Park Community Center is having a Halloween bash that promises to be a lot of fun for everyone, while ensuring that little MacKenzie stays out of juvie.

Here's the rundown:


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