UPDATE: MMJ political committee assessed $400 fine




In a follow-up call, Elliott says the fine came down to a technicality: form 'A' just didn't match form 'B.'

"We’re actually appealing that late penalty," he says. "We made a small mistake, and we’re going to appeal it, because they said that we’re a new committee and it’s one of those rules that isn’t too obvious. They said we’re probably going to succeed on that.

"As far as a late penalty goes, we’re up to date and everything’s fine right now.”

——- ORIGINAL POST, 9:58 A.M., MONDAY ——-

Though things have run fairly well for Citizens for Safer Communities, with $10,000 worth of ads having hit the radio airwaves last week, the group opposing the banning of medical marijuana centers in unincorporated El Paso County has hit a small snag in the last couple days: a $400 fine from the Colorado secretary of state for a late filing.

"Tanya Garduno," a letter begins, addressed to the president of the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, "A review of our records indicates that the aformentioned committee has made a deliquent filing for the campaign disclosure report on 10/4/2010 by submitting the disclosure report on 10/12/2010. ... Therefore, your committee is assessed a penalty of $400."

"I've got to be honest, that's news to me," says campaign director Michael Elliott, when reached for comment. "Let me look into it."

The campaign has 30 days from Oct. 15 to appeal to have the penalty reduced or waived.

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