Three arrested over 87 marijuana plants




An anonymous tip through the city's narc line led to the arrest of Jordan Liken, Aaron Cavanaugh and Dr. Kristine Hembre on Oct. 2.

Sgt. Jim Rodgers with the Colorado Springs Police Department says the department used the past history of the individuals, in addition to utilities records that "were off the charts in terms of electric use," to obtain a search warrant for 1635 Mesa Road. Property records show the house has been owned by Hembre since 2006.

Any relation to the medical marijuana industry?

"Let me put it to this way: the claim was the whole operation was under the guise of medical marijuana," says Rodgers. "But none of the paperwork was correct. All the paperwork that they had wasn’t finalized, so to speak. It was all incomplete."

The sergeant says the investigators found 87 marijuana plants in the basement, prompting the arrest of Liken, 25, and Hembre, 50. Then, "through the investigative process on-scene," it was discovered that Cavanaugh, 28, provided marijuana to a 16-year-old female with whom he was allegedly also involved in a sexual relationship, prompting his arrest as well.

And the reason information from the Oct. 2 raid was not posted to the blotter until Oct. 13?

"Just some other investigative work that we were doing — putting the case together before we put it out, honestly. There was no mystery why it came out a week late," says Rodgers.

Police also recovered an ounce of refined marijuana, and a shotgun; Rodgers says the case has been turned over to the district attorney's office for further action.

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