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I know how ya feel.
  • Bicycle Thieves (1948)
  • I know how ya feel.

My second week living in Colorado Springs starts today, and I gotta say, it's a nice city you have here. I think I'm gonna like it. I'm excited about my new job. Coming from upstate New York, I'm enjoying the dry air and all the sunshine and the peaks, and also going to the store and finding a variety of dried peppers and chorizo, and avocados for a buck. That's all swell.

Plus, it seems like a pretty healthy city, as in every day I see all sorts of people out jogging and walking and riding their bikes. Which is great. I'm gonna fit right in. I bike a lot and have (had) an awesome bike. See. It's a great commuting bike, perfect for me because I don't have a car and I need to ride to get to work (and can't really afford to get a car right now, since I just moved halfway across the country for a new job). I was planning to bike throughout the winter.

So, what I didn't realize about the Springs, until this morning, is that by moving here I was moving to the heart of bike-thieving country. I shoulda guessed, considering how popular biking is out here, that a cottage industry of stealing and stripping bikes would be a thriving one, but I didn't. And I should have known not to lock up my bike outside but store it in my apartment, no matter where I'm living, but I've been lazy about it. And this morning, where I expected to find my bike, I found a hack-sawed chain lying on the gravel.

"Welcome to Colorado Springs, Chet, and thanks for the bike!"

"You're welcome, bike thief, and I hope your face meets a car door real soon."

And while this pretty much sucks for me, I am not alone. Carmichael Training Systems has suffered a fate similar to mine recently, and is looking for help. So give a hand, if you can:

Carmichael Training Systems, located in the Roundhouse Building at 21st and Highway 24 was hit by bike thieves again, and most of the bike shops in COS have been hit this year — several more than once. This time we have the guy on camera, and the whole story and video footage is here.


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