Onions and Chocolate — a challenge



I was catching up last night with a good friend who is in town this weekend for Colorado College's homecoming, and was excited to hear that she'd started her own food blog.

Artful plating is the essence of fine dining.
  • Gentry Fischer
  • Artful plating is the essence of fine dining.

Yes, I know, personal food blogs are now as ubiquitous as unemployed journalists (hey — that's not funny), but hers does at least have a really fun name, which proves to be a challenge of sorts as well:

Welcome to Onions and Chocolate, where you're invited to try and find a food item that doesn't go well with either.

She explains:

I believe onions and chocolate are two ingredients in the world that work with every other ingredient in the world. Let me explain. Pick something, anything…artichokes, you say…yep, great with onions; try again. Ummm, ice cream -yep, of course it works with chocolate. As of yet, my theory holds true…no matter what ingredient you pick — I believe that it will match well with onions, with chocolate or with both.

So let me issue a challenge to our readers: Think of something to shatter my friend's theory.

I tried and failed last night, but that might be because I was too engrossed in a snifter of Phantom Canyon's amazing current seasonal beer: Dark Star.

And for the record, stupid answers such as "cat feces" don't count — my friend's husband (and my former surf-rock bandmate) already tried that and he was met with quite the cold stare.

Let's keep it to real foods that people (not my dog) actually eat.

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