Candidates have records



Cullen: driving while impaired.
  • Cullen: driving while impaired.

Hats off to the Denver Post for doing the work required to find out whether people running for office this year have been in trouble with the courts or regulatory agencies. The Post hit the jackpot, finding that many candidates have records.

This is the kind of public service that has earned newspapers a reputation for providing in-depth coverage that other media don't often take the time and effort to perform.

In the story, the Post's Lynn Bartels summarizes court matters involving two candidates in the Colorado Springs area: Republican House District 18 candidate Karen Cullen, who was charged with driving under the influence (and pled guilty to driving while impaired) in the ’90s, and incumbent Democratic House District 17 Rep. Dennis Apuan, whose 2002 protest-related arrest has been previously documented. A third, GOP House District 14 candidate Janak Joshi, had his professional license yanked in 2008.

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