Music Monday: Why does Vince Neil even exist?



Motley Crue fans will be glad to know that, according to a New York Times post earlier this afternoon, Vince Neil has been given a new court date for his latest DUI case.

The Times story makes no mention of the fact that Neil was convicted of vehicular manslaughter 25 years ago, for which the alcoholic frontman was given a 30-day sentence, 18 of which he reportedly served.

Ironically, the past quarter-century has made Neil no less clueless and corrupt. While promoting a new autobiography, Neil bragged to Reuters news service last week: "I don't have any regrets. Anything that I've done wrong, I've learned from."

What Neil has learned, of course, is that (1) massive amounts of money will allow you to get away with anything, and (2) a complete lack of talent is no obstacle to acquiring those massive amounts of money.

Still, it's hard to imagine Neil buying his way out of hell in the next life, given the living hell he's created for others in this one.

Oh yeah, extra points for naming the Motley Crue box set Music to Crash Your Car To.


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