Paige: Planning Commission is 'biggest, single obstacle' to MMJ regulation



We're a little late to this, but last weekend City Councilor Sean Paige rejected the Colorado Springs Planning Commission's claim that it needed more time to study the issue, along with a updated working draft.

In his blog for Local Liberty Online, Paige says it's ironic that "that those who most adamantly oppose medical marijuana, those who decry the alleged problems it is creating in the city, now stand as the biggest single obstacle to getting a handle on the situation."

Now comes the planning commission, which ought to have been deliberating the issue months ago, but now seems to be retracing the same ground the MMJ task force covered late last year. How much of what the planning commission recommends will pass muster with a majority on Council is uncertain. I’ll be a skeptic, given the clear anti-MMJ attitudes that seem to prevail among certain commission members.

Meanwhile, while all this was going on — or not going on — the medical marijuana industry kept growing, free from the sorts of controls that should have been in place by mid 2010. The situation has been allowed to get a little more “wild west” due to indecisiveness, inertia, delay and obstructionism

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