The aliens are coming Oct. 13


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Don't freak out. Get your cameras ready and put on your tin hats. On Oct. 13, four short weeks from now, alien spacecraft will hover over all major cities in the world to warn us humans against further polluting the planet with carbon dioxide.

Or so says a former NORAD official, Stanley Fulham, who's written a book about it called Challenges of Change.

The idea is that aliens have been traveling the universe for eons but haven't made a bid for control of Planet Earth, because they know people would freak out. But now, Planet Earthlings have so polluted and wasted the globe that the aliens have no choice but to try to help us save ourselves and the Earth.

When I first saw the promo for this, I figured it was a novel. But no. This guy served in the Air Force for years and later worked at a radar station for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, which is based at our own Peterson Air Force Base. While with NORAD, he came to know that the military has vast knowledge of alien beings; he's just kept it from us for fear we would lose our cookies.

Anyway, I checked in with the NORAD folks at Peterson, inviting them to provide a comment of some sort if they wanted to. One of the public affairs folks declined, saying simply, "As for any thanks."

Here's the author explaining his background and the transcendors he's been in communication with.


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