'Like Glenn Beck, only fuzzier'




When you see a headline like "Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate," it's hard not to read on.

Even if the story is by satirist Andy Borowitz, which means it's not strictly true.

So here are a few highlights. You can visit the Borowitz Report for the full story.

Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate
Receives Standing Ovation at Missouri Rally

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (The Borowitz Report) — A rabid Doberman Pinscher jumped on stage at a Tea Party rally in Missouri on Labor Day and barked at the crowd for nearly twenty minutes before people realized he was not a candidate.

The dog, later identified by its owner as “Mister Buster,” held the crowd spellbound as he barked, growled, and frothed at the mouth, eventually receiving a standing ovation for his exertions ....

.... The Doberman’s canine identity finally became clear when he lunged at a man in the front row and wrested a hamburger from his right hand, taking two of the man’s fingers with it ....

.... Ms. Thomason held out hope that, dog or no, he might consider running for office at some point. “I liked the way he bit off that guy’s hand, and the way he did his business in the middle of the stage,” she said. ”We need more of that in Washington.”

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