Music Monday: How to dismantle an ISP bomb



We're not entirely convinced that loquacious manager Paul McGuinness and his perennial clients U2 are the best people to pull the music industry out of its 10-year tailspin, but GQ Magazine clearly thinks so.

How else to explain the rock warhorse stable-master's 10-million word opus, inventively titled "How To Save the Music Industry."

McGuinness, who managed the somewhat less memorable Spud before stumbling upon U2, spends the article rehashing his long-held — and not unreasonable — argument that any industry turnaround will require getting tough with Internet Service Providers, so that they in turn will get tough with users who engage in illegal file-sharing.

And as you can plainly see from the picture above, Bono, the Edge and McGuinness know a thing or two about getting tough (and also making money). So be careful out there, OK?

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