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The seventh annual National Punctuation Day is right around the corner — Friday, Sept. 24 — and I wouldn't want our local poets to miss out on the chance to join in on NPD's first Haiku Contest.

The website says to "send your best 5-7-5 (syllables, that is) poetry to" Haikus must be received by Sept. 30 to be in the running for prizes.

And "to get you started," a few samples on the site by writer Craig Harrison.

Raised by two parens
I’ve been bracketed since youth.
I’m an inside job.

Dot dot ellipses
The yada yada of print.
So on and so forth.

Punctuate or die.
What is a writer to do?
Good writers will know.

When my editor removes
My inflamed colon.

Exclamation points
And question marks together?
Only in comics.

i’m ee cummings
i break punctuation rules.
that’s what poets do.

While I like to write,
Punctuation is a drag.
That’s for editors.

While they don't indicate what the prizes are, they do say winners will receive a "plethora of punctuation goodies."

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