Preserving red-light history



From the Listings desk: If you want to help conserve a local piece of history reflecting the world's oldest profession, now's your chance.

The Old Homestead House in Cripple Creek was a bustling, high-end brothel during the glory days of the gold rush. Built in the late 1890s, Old Homestead is the only remaining relic from the five-block red light district in Cripple Creek.

Those were the days: a time of dangerous money and worse medical care.

The house's most recent owners are now selling the place to the Old Homestead House Museum, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, for $350,000. This nonprofit will help keep the historic building and the museum inside restored and open to the public.


Bedrooms in the brothel.
  • Bedrooms in the brothel.

The group is now collecting monetary donations to make the purchase happen, and it's crunch time, since they need to raise $50,000 soon in order to apply for grants.

Yeah, it's not the most highbrow investment, but that's the beauty of it, according to the Old Homestead Group, which says, "Who wouldn't want to say they 'owned' a piece of a brothel?" You know you would — visit for more information.

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