The fight for MMJ patients' rights




Patients' rights has been something of a sore spot among those who hold a red card. Multiple comments on our website reveal a distaste for our current system.

Here's user Gurudori, commenting on our story, "You say 'patient,' I say 'caregiver'."

"Whomever is making up these regulations obviously is not a MMJ patient! Why are they making this application process even harder? What does it matter if I'm a patient and a caretaker?" Gurudori writes. "How could this possibly be a conflict when many caretakers stated out as a MMJ patients, and we just want to help others? I think they are trying to make it so difficult to be a MMJ patient that people will just give up."

Audrey Hatfield has similar concerns, and it's why she started the group Coloradans 4 Cannabis Patient Rights. While only a Facebook page at the moment, Hatfield says in an e-mail that she plans on "updating [a new] website a few times a week once it's finished and ready to go," and would like to make it an official nonprofit.

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