The story of Bear



If you tear up over happy endings, get out your tissue.

Michael "Moondog" Golembesky, a Marine sergeant from Manitou, sends us the following story about how a dog in Afghanistan adopted him in the midst of combat.

Michael and Bear - happily ever after.
  • Courtesy Michael Golembesky
  • Michael and Bear, happily ever after.

I joined the Marine Corps after the events of Sept. 11th. I left Manitou Springs in 2002 and served five deployments over seas in the past eight years. This September I will be returning home to Manitou as a local combat Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

During my final deployment to Afghanistan this year, I befriended and rescued a Afghan dog. His name is Bear and he is currently living in Manitou Springs with my wife and daughter.

Here is a brief overview of Bear's story. We were defending a hilltop in a major Taliban controlled area
under some of the heaviest fighting I have ever seen. On the third day we patrolled the village we were being engaged from. We found a small, nine-week puppy living in a bombed out building. He was shaking, dehydrated and hungry. Needless to say we took him in and brought him back to our hilltop. The team decided on naming him Bear, for obvious reasons. He has half a tail and almost no ears. Afghans cut them off so they can fight off wolves when defending their herds. For the next few days we cared for him while still being engaged by the Taliban. When it can time to depart the hill, I put Bear in our vehicle and brought him back to camp.

Bear is happy as can be now. He has food, water, a warm blanket next to my rack and more importantly; someone to care for him. Bear had survived three days of intense gunfire, RPG and air strikes before we found him.


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