MMJ debator: A prankless job



  • Waller

Or it used to be.

Colorado state rep. Mark Waller, take it away:

"I was speaking at the Republican roundup, at Valley Hi [Golf Course], and apparently a lot of folks who support the growth in the [MMJ] industry heard that I was going to be speaking there about medical marijuana," Waller says. "They showed up.

"I stayed, answered everybody's questions, spoke to everybody, tried to be as gracious as possible, and my reward for that was walking out to my car when it's all said and done: somebody had smeared ranch dressing all over my car."

In other news, Waller says he's happy about the El Paso County Board of Commissioners decision to refer a ban question to the ballot.

One thing though: "I think it's going to be an uphill battle though for the Let Us folks to educate the people."

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