CU may discontinue journalism school


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In an obvious attempt to make me feel like a dinosaur, my alma mater is considering shutting down the journalism school because it's "outdated."

The University of Colorado at Boulder announced it will consider discontinuing the journalism program as soon as 2012, citing the rapid evolution of media and the need to train students to use digital media.

Well, here's a little advice from the dinosaur: When you're teaching the kids all that fancy crap, don't forget to teach them how to do research, or how to build a story, or how to spell. While these skills may be old-school, the basics aren't outdated.

And there's something to be said for all those grumpy dinosaur professors at CU, too. You know who you are. You are the ones who like to taunt every kid who thinks they have born talent (god bless you). You are the ones who are stingy with compliments and generous with red ink.

I remember one professor telling our class, "You aren't writers; a writer is someone who writes every day."

Yes, actually, we did need to hear that. Just like all writers need a copy editor to tell them to go back to grammar school, and an editor to tell them they're not Shakespeare.

So good luck on all the big changes, CU. Just don't get all high and mighty on us.

Read more about the proposal here: Daily Camera.


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