60, 61 and 101: Just say 'No'



Bring your lunch and learn a thing or two.

Opponents of Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 will hold a rally tomorrow at the Pioneers Museum gazebo from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to explain how the three ballot measures would be disastrous for Colorado.

Colorados future if these measures pass.
  • Colorado's future if these measures pass.

Amendment 60 would reduce mill levies that previously were approved by voters. Amendment 61 would require voter approval for governments to borrow money and limit debt to 10 years. It also would prohibit state borrowing altogether. Proposition 101 would eliminate taxes on car rentals, change the income tax rate and reduce vehicle registration fees to levels not seen since 1919, says Ernest House, Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce director of government affairs.

The rally is being sponsored by the Citizens for Effective Government and a coalition of businesses and organizations, House says.

The purpose of the rally is to distribute information about the impacts of the measures and enlist help in defeating them at the Nov. 2 election, he says.

"They promise tax relief, but the fine print delivers a reckless package of deceptive job killing proposals that will increase class sizes in schools across Colorado and hammer our small businesses," the group says.

Says House:

"We're hoping for a large turnout," he says. "We're also working with the state campaign to kick off events across the state. We want to let folks know this is not a local issue. It's on the statewide ballot."

He says law enforcement, school officials, judicial workers and many others oppose the measures and will be on hand at the rally. "It's definitely going to affect a lot of different folks," he says.

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